Slimming draining

13. févr., 2018

This product makes me sick, really sick, I mean it makes me feel nauseated, so I tested it just 10 days. My body didn't like it, it doesn't mean that everyone has the same reaction. I was not hungry,  but sick, and this is not the kind of feeling that you should experience while taking this kind of product. So I stopped this test, and I will start looking for another..... see you soon🙂

13. févr., 2018

Oh my god I'm so sorry, time goes by so fast, 

This product is really fantastic, 🙂👍you can test 

1. nov., 2017


first sorry for the delay😙,

but 15 days is better than 10 for a better result.😉

And now the verdict,

oh my God, works very good, 🤪

I recommend this product (at the moment Slimming draining 21.90 € Yves Rocher)👍

just 15 days per month, helps really 

See you soon for another test, If you have a proposal, tell me 


18. oct., 2017

10 days test see you soon for the result

2. juin, 2017

Sorry but not satisfied, it's very painful, you have to finish with a razor, nope, keep your money ;)
Désolé mais pas satisfaite, c'est très douloureux et il faut finir avec un rasoir, zéro pointé, garder vos sous ;)