It's done

My first creations, Yes I know, it was about time 😙🙂


Your first  reactions are expected 👍👎

Tell me what you think about it

She is not my creation it's my little kitty Sweety.


I know, so many promises and nothing, sorry, sorry, so sorry.
I had a lot to think and do. Looking for another job, but not in my area, it takes a lot of time.
Look for a new home or a new job first, God, these questions drive me crazy.
So, I hope you do not get angry with me, I do what I can to present you my creation very soon

2 weeks .....

And you can see my first creation, hope you will like it

I work too much :) My second home page

🤪I delete my second blog, this one is enough for my hobby and business, so  I hope I see you soon right here 💋