Pow wow 2017


This is a beautiful photo

It's been more than three years I hope to see a Pow Wow  in real😀, perhaps next year😥, I hope, before it's too late for me 🤔

Supaman really good music
I would put a video

She's the owner of this blog. She was coming to say hello and thanks for your visits

Rhythm of the heart.....

Hello Bonjour

OK, let's go, I presented this blog at first on Twitter and Google, for a week, more than a hundred visits, but no comments, disappointed but not discouraged.

I am patient 🙃,.I think that's necessary to establish, a certain trust between the visitors and the blogger. 

Take your time. What matters to me, is that you understand I don't use my blog to swindle you,  or to take your money, 

This isn't my interest. You do what you want, you decide to buy,  do it, if not, don't do it. It's your choice and your right.

I hope these words are enough to have your trust 😎


So, we can now see the real sides of my blog, there are photos, which I do myself, of course. You will find with the time, many videos, themes on different events, my work, what I like, what I don't like.

I hope that you will like it