Homéopathie/ Homeopathy

Ils vont supprimer le remboursement d'un 'placebo' qui fonctionne à merveille.

Personnellement, j'ai pris pendant 14 ans le fameux 'Lexomil' il soigne, oui et non, il vous rend faible, rien ne vous motive, ce n'est pas ce que j'appelle soigner.

Avant je n'osai même plus sortir de chez moi, j'étais devenu agoraphobique, c'est une horreur, c'était devenu mon abris, où personne, n'y rien ne pouvais m'atteindre, toutes ces années perdue, ça me rend dingue. 

L'homéopathie fait partie de ma vie depuis 2014, et je suis bien, tellement mieux, que je bouge tout le temps, je ne reste plus chez moi, je sors, je vie. Pas de transport ? Le bus est trop lent. Qu'à cela ne tienne, on marche.

  Je regrette de ne pas avoir connu l'homépathie avant....🤔


They will remove the refund of a 'placebo' that works perfectly.

Personally, I took for 14 years the famous 'Lexomil' it heals? Yes and no, it makes you weak, nothing motivates you, it's not what I call healing.

Before I even dare to leave home, I became agoraphobic, it's a horror, it became my shelter, where nobody, nothing could reach me, all those lost years, that drives me crazy.

Homeopathy has been a part of my life since 2014,  And I feeling me well so much better, that I move all the time, I don't stay at home, I go out. No transport? The bus is too slow? Never mind, we walk.
I regret not having known homeopathy before.....🤔

2 recipes per week, and a desert (Finally more than expected) Are you happy ? 🙂. That's my new gift for my followers, you love my blog I see it, more than 60000 visits. Thanks a lot, so here are my 2 first recipes for this week, bon appétit :)

2 recettes par semaine et un dessert ( Finalement plus que prévu) Etes vous content ? 🙂. C'est mon nouveau cadeau pour mes followers, vous aimez mon blog, je le vois, plus de 60000 visites. Merci beaucoup, voici donc mes 2 premières recettes pour cette semaine, bon appétit :)

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You can find them in my shop

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My shop is open, here is my link

54 000 visits I'm so glad

Thanks a lot <3 almost 10,000 views on my photos you love them a lot, I'm so glad

New little baby pet

Saturday afternoon I'm going to adopt my baby dog🤪 284 miles from home (568 go and back), Sunday night we'll be back around 10:30 / 11:00 pm😀, I'll post photos on Tuesday or Wednesday, see you soon🤩


💔Fail, she doesn't like other animals in the house, she must be the only doggy, so sad, I hope she will find a good family, I wish u good life sweety 

That's the reason why I didn't put any news, it's such a joy to adopt an animal, give it back, was for me, a first very painful experience

Not for sale, in the respect of the Native American people, these are examples of my future personal fabrications, and to give you an idea of ​​my work, I don't have the talent of the Amerindians, far from it, if you want a product of this kind, see on the internet, but be careful who you order, I do my best to find you real addresses

Coming next Fancy Jewelry

I propose my work🤭, it's my first time🤩, I'm doing a test🙂, I let you be the jury😀, you can tell me if 'yes or no' my products please you 🤨
See you in December for my first creation 🤪


Oups sorry give me more time, it's a long work,  and I'm waiting for my orders, some come from China, sorry I give a deadline too short, the production time is longer than I thought, thanks for your patience 🤩❤

I'm  really very very happy, more as 10 000 visits on my blog after 8 months, it's kind of you.

But my guestbook remains desperately empty,  345 visits and nobody writes in.

Oh please just a little word .....


Hey there I'm back

And now I must work 🙂


My god time passes by😮 , 
October knocks on the door...🤩

And now I want to work,
I have so many photos for you, let's go🙃

It's done, Home Sweat Home

Give you news soon

Ont déménage ;) on se revoi ici le 10 Aout 2017 bonne vacances
We are moving ;) I will see you here again on August 10, 2017 happy hollidays



Come and see my site. I have new things to show you!

Venez voir mon site. J'ai de nouvelles choses à vous montrer!

PS: I encourage you to comment on my site once the visit is over.

PS: Je vous encourage à commenter mon site une fois la visite terminée.

Blog in English and perhaps in French a little

This page explains why in English, given that,  I'm French,

Easy, just because I want to improve my understanding, my writing and my speaking, (So you can see that the text changes sometimes)

I practiced English for a long time, but I want a better level, it's not bad, but I always want better, It's in my nature, never satisfied, ever more, higher, stronger.

My project? The dream of my life,  I want to visit the United States, making a photo trip, three months is short but a good start, for this kind of project. When ? This is a very good question, I hope very soon.

Of course, I learned English at school, but with time I lack practice, I was near to loose what I learned,  I decided to work my English more seriously and, I can say that I learned more easily the second time. I read, I watch movies in original versions, subtitles too, everyday, when I have time.
It's a very powerful way to learn a language.

So if you find errors, please tell me, it's ok,  because,  this is another way to learn and improve

The owner of this blog is an ....... :)