It's freaking out, it's madness, and racism too

She's a daddy's girl, stupid and racist

What's the problem with these people?

Why it's so difficult to understand, that masks are mandatory in stores, in confined spaces. My god people are not selfish... Try to think for others, too. It's everyone's health and safety that matters

  • Virus

    The United States still in first place.
    It's time to change the rules.

  • Presidential statistics

    Wake up America, you need someone who knows how to get your health back.
    And save the people in this land.
    To make America great again, of course, but not just some kind of people, all of them

I'm so happy for the American people, this is a great news. I know life is going to be easier for all Americans. You voted for the right person ......

Native American kitchen


I find for you, restaurants with Native American's food, if you're like me, if you're like Native American culture, you're on the right blog.

My search is of course based on google (Thanks Google)  (I live in France);)
I am not a Native American, (that's my regret) but I love this culture. So for my next journey, I hope so, I prepare it.

 I hope that will be helpful for you, for me yes 😉....

See u soon


Hard times

Stay at home when you can, be careful when you must go out. God bless you all.