Un monde obèse/A fat world

A regarder absolument
Open your eyes, and fight !!!!!!!!

Vous en viendrez au Vegan

Après cette vidéo, ce sera plus facile, croyez moi

Ou va t-on ? C'est catastrophique ......

Bravo pour le courage de cette ancienne soignante, nous tenir au courant de ce qui se passe vraiment dans le milieu médical, en sachant qu'elle n'en a plus pour longtemps, je trouve cela très courageux.

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Camille Vasquez Presents Rebuttal Closings in Johnny Depp v. Amber Heard

We stand with you Johnny/ My analysis, and just mine.....

So :

1) A long life guitarist don't cut his finger !!!! He takes care of his hands 

2) All the videos we have seen or heard, doesn't show Johnny hitting, he doesn't attack anyone. We see only material damage.

It's her, the one we hear screaming, saying horrible things against Johnny. We can very well feel that he contains himself as much as hi can. And we have understood that Johnny prefers to leave to clam down the situation.

I want to point out, that a supposedly intoxicated person, certainly does not react that way.

3) Photoshop exist, and miss AH knows certainly how it works, like everyone.

She doesn't act like a normal person. I mean, she overdoes it, she smiles when it's not the time. She contradicts herself, she has facial expressions really like a B series actress, crying without tears.

The police says she has no marks on her face, this is for me sufficient proof. 

This is, for the moment, what I think so far. 


Behavior Analyst Reacts To DELETED Amber Heard Video

The Body Language Guy. He's just great :) I really like these videos

Do you remember ???? It was a real request for help, not a joke

I KNEW IT Johnny WINS! Amber Heard May Face Up To 4 YEARS In Prison JUST For Perjury

I knew it, he can't be a bad man, it's Johnny Depp. He is very kind, and he has a very, very big heart.